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Meet people from Taaleri

A strong team spirit and pride in our work have always characterised our culture. Check out some testimonials from our people!

Meet our talented people

  • I started as an Analyst Trainee in the autumn of 2020, working at Taaleri Energia alongside my studies. Additionally, I was asked to model some of the potential investment targets for Taaleri Bioindustry in its early stages. After completing my Master's degree in Finance at the end of 2022, I began working full-time as an Analyst in the Bioindustry team. During my time at Taaleri, I’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of private equity, and I have had the opportunity to familiarise myself with various asset classes early in my career, such as infrastructure investing, growth equity and VC investing. The best part of Taaleri is that the entire team is committed, and we work ambitiously together towards the goals. If I were to summarize Taaleri in one word it would be ‘opportunity’. I’ve had the opportunity to take on responsibility since the early stages of my career, which has been motivating and which has improved my professional skills.

    Tuomo Veivo


  • I’ve been working at Taaleri since spring 2022. Previously, I had worked as a Sustainability Consultant at a large consultant house. By education, I am a Master of Science in Engineering in Creative Sustainability. I've found our work culture at Taaleri to be genuinely open, purpose-driven, and accommodating of personal goals. This flexible culture has empowered me to pursue personal passions, like training for a triathlon 15 hours a week, without compromising my professional growth. At Taaleri, we're more than a team of top-tier professionals: we're a close-knit community. Every day presents new learning opportunities, and I constantly learn new things from my colleagues. At Taaleri, we thrive on collaboration. Colleagues are not just coworkers, but they have also become mentors and my good friends.

    Laura Tiainen

    Senior ESG Specialist

  • I started working as a General Manager at Taaleri Energia’s Spain office in Madrid in 2020. Most of my colleagues work in Helsinki, so we mainly communicate through Teams. I feel that I receive great support from the company and my team. My educational background is in electrical engineering. Before joining Taaleri, I worked for 18 years at a large Spanish company. I had never worked for a Finnish company before. It required courage for me to take the leap and change workplace. I have enjoyed my time at Taaleri immensely. It's fulfilling to work in a professional environment surrounded by ambitious, smart individuals from whom one can learn new things. I’m proud that my work has a positive impact on society. As a father, it’s important for me to be a role model to my children in this manner.

    Francisco Valverde

    General Manager

  • I started working at Garantia in 2016. Garantia is a non-life insurance company specialising in guarantee insurance, and it is part of the Taaleri Group. At Garantia, I’ve advanced to a team leader position. My responsibilities involve a lot of organization, communication with various stakeholders and mentoring my team. My compact team is exceptional! I value the opportunity to work extensively across various product groups within credit risk management in an agile company. In a larger company, expertise could be limited to a very narrow sector. At Garantia, I’ve had the opportunity to engage in fascinating projects and expand my professional scale broadly. I’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of various sectors in Finland.

    Lotta Kurkela

    Head of Credit Risk

  • I work in Taaleri’s financial administration team under the title Group Controller & IR. My responsibilities include a variety of business controller and financial controller tasks, from management reporting, budgeting, and forecasting to IFRS interpretations, interim reports, and the preparation of IFRS financial statements. In addition, I assist our Head of Communications and IR in matters related to stakeholder communication and communication of a listed company. As an employer, Taaleri is open, dynamic, and willing to change. A sufficiently small and low-hierarchical organization guarantees diverse tasks, and no working day is exactly like yesterday. In Taaleri we can take responsibility, come up with ideas, experiment and develop, if we want to. Taaleri employs the toughest and most inspiring professionals in their field, all with a common goal towards a more sustainable future. Taaleri employees are involved with their hearts in their daily work – and it is visible and felt.

    Elina Lintuala

    Group Controller & IR

  • My goal has always been to focus my career on creating as much positive impact as possible in the world we live in. For me, this has meant promoting renewable energy. When Taaleri recruited me in 2014, it had never occurred to me that there could be room for a realistic idealist like me in the financial industry. I am happy to say I was wrong. At Taaleri I've had great opportunities to develop my career according to my own interests and ambition. I have been a Legal Counsel, Head of Risk Management, Head of ESG, I’ve set up new private equity funds, made international deals, debated on TV and in March 2021 I returned from 10 months of maternity leave. I especially enjoy how there always is room to implement good ideas and all topics can be debated, without hierarchy. Working hard feels good when you are doing so alongside professional and good hearted teammates, towards a common goal.

    Jenny-Li Holmström

    Legal Director

  • I started my journey with Taaleri in 2017. Working with renewable energy is motivating because here I can see the progress of sustainable development. The business is interesting, and in Taaleri we have the spirit of getting things done. Working environment supports entrepreneurial attitude which gives the freedom and responsibility to work independently. At same time you never had to be alone. Colleagues and managers are professional and easy to approach. Working hours are flexible both ways which helps to take care of things at work and home.

    Miika Sinettä

    Technical Asset Manager

  • I have been part of the Private Equity Fund team since November 2019. Taaleri was not very familiar to me but jumping into the unknown has definitely been worth it. The analyst's job description is very broad, and the days are spent in different tasks such as financial modeling, valuation and reporting. However, the new projects have been the most interesting part for me, and I have already been strongly involved in several very different projects. An entrepreneurial culture and responsibility for doing one's own enables continuous learning and growth on one's own career path, supported by co-workers. In addition to the above, Taaleri's strength is that a lot happens all the time and that responsibility is given according to one's own abilities and desires.

    Kimmo Raja

    Fund Manager

What we promise to our employees?